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Challenge #01559-D098: He's Only One Year Old

My brow furrowed. "You're a thirty-foot-tall robot. How did you order solar panels?"

"Ebay." -- RecklessPrudence

I tutted at him. "You do know you can order them direct from cheaper places, right? And they're more likely to work."

"But those need a drivers licence and I can not get one."

"Show me those sites, please." The screen on his midriff lit up, displaying the sites in question. And they were all questionable sites to begin with. "Rugro... have you been using Bing as your search engine again?"

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Challenge #01279-C184: Ambassador Murder-bot

Okay, so I still don't have a new computer after my last one decided to up and die, but I do have a loaner, and my hard drives in external caddies, so I can start prompting again.

[Person #1]: You just had to piss off the giant murderbot, didn't you?

[Person #2, aka 'Giant Murderbot']: "HEY! I've tried very hard NOT to kill anyone, thank-you!" -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Great to have you back!]

The Doctor believed in giving people second chances. And

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Challenge #00854-B123: Ahead by a Nose

Child: Mommy! Mommy! I found a head! Can I keep it?
Mum: No, you can’t keep it. Now go and give it back to the gentlebot who lost it.
Child: They didn’t say “thank you”, Mommy.
Mum: Don’t worry about it, dear. Some people don’t know how to be polite after they’ve been decapitated.

[AN: We all know the gentlebots of steampoweredgiraffe​ are well-mannered enough thank peeps who help when they’ve lost their heads, so…

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Challenge #00839-B108: Infodump

You know you’ve over explained something when you make a robot’s eyes go glassy.

“…and when he looks out the window, there’s this long shot that doesn’t make any sense? ‘Cause they’re in a left hand? But it’s a right hand? And that’s how you know that it’s another ship?”

T0B0r blinked. Dazed. “…this does not answer my question…” ze managed.

“And then when she escaped? You can clearly see she’

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