Challenge #00854-B123: Ahead by a Nose

Child: Mommy! Mommy! I found a head! Can I keep it?
Mum: No, you can’t keep it. Now go and give it back to the gentlebot who lost it.
Child: They didn’t say “thank you”, Mommy.
Mum: Don’t worry about it, dear. Some people don’t know how to be polite after they’ve been decapitated.

[AN: We all know the gentlebots of steampoweredgiraffe​ are well-mannered enough thank peeps who help when they’ve lost their heads, so…]

knew hir assignment. All ze had to do was arrange to get hir head into the enemy labs. Which required help from the mole.

They were
supposed to meet at an anonymous park and exchange heads. 5PY-80T‘s
facial plates were common enough with M0L3′s that the scanners wouldn’t
tell the difference. The problem was… the contact was late.

it was the abundance of people with cameras. Maybe it was the increase in the local police force. Someone, somewhere, had stirred up trouble.

5PY-80T his hir head in the designated place and sent hir body over to a decent hiding place to await M0L3′s signal. And it should have gone well.

If it wasn’t for the small child.

Small children and animals had a knack for messing up plans. And this one found 5PY-80T‘s head and dutifully returned it to hir.

Maybe that was what had happened to M0L3…

5PY-80T lurked in the shadows, checking the wifi for messages or hints of what had gone wrong.

All this trouble, so hir mother-company could keep ahead in the game…

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