Challenge #00839-B108: Infodump

You know you’ve over explained something when you make a robot’s eyes go glassy.

“…and when he looks out the window, there’s this long shot that doesn’t make any sense? ‘Cause they’re in a left hand? But it’s a right hand? And that’s how you know that it’s another ship?”

T0B0r blinked. Dazed. “…this does not answer my question…” ze managed.

“And then when she escaped? You can clearly see she’s headed right for Canada?”

“…this does not answer my question…” T0B0r fought against an information-overload-related shutdown.

“Wait, was I talking too much?“

“Yes,” sighed T0B0r. “Shutdown recommended… System overload in twenty more information points…”

“What was your question again?”

“Who… is… Steven… Universe?”

“OH! Yeah he’s a character in a cartoon show.”

“Shutdown initiated. Please wait.”

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