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Challenge #02640-G083: Why is it So?

(Not related to the other "Why" but got me thinking) A young child begins the "Why Game" with another species. The parent offers them an out but they politely decline. Curiosity is an enviable trait and they will continue to answer for as long as the child asks... ...A small crowd of interested and amused people has begun to form, with some stepping in to field questions from their own specialties. A few humans encourage their children to join in as the first child starts to get fussy (it is past their nap time by now). The original Answerer insists on remaining even as others offer to take their place and some of the humans begin to quietly place bets. Win, lose, or draw they have earned the humans respect and, unknowingly, a reputation for being a great babysitter. -- Silverrey

Patience is a virtue, catch it if you can. Seldom seen in women, and never seen in man. -- ancient Terran saying.

Human parentals seemingly need an infinite supply of patience, especially when their young start asking questions about the world around them.

"Why is space black?" asked the little Human as parent and child waited for a connection shuttle. They were peering out a porthole apparently watching for the shuttle's approach. They were also too young to employ a brain-to-mouth bypass.

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