Publish Quest

A 2-post collection


The entry I just posted was actually meant to go up yesterday. Whoopsydoodles.

I forget the most incredibly mundane things.

But I shall make a concerned effort to remember this Wordpress Wednesday. Even though I've only the vaguest ideas concerning the topic for this week.

I'm sure I could come up with something interesting, regardless. We'll see.

I have eight minutes to finish here and maybe post another Blast From my Past. And those are going to run out soon, so my Steemit is going to contain a lot more short pieces about writing. Answering questions and so forth.

And I am still gassing about getting that list going. I haven't even looked into my best chances yet. Anxiety can mess a person up but good.

No way around it though. If I want to get ahead, I gotta keep moving.

The Quest Begins

I have a list of publishers who will take works without agents to back them up. I'm going to look up the submission guidelines for three of them and go attempt to sell myself.

If they can handle Adapting then they can handle anything else I come out with f'r sure.

And getting something Out There might get me the representation I have been fruitlessly seeking for so very, very long.

I pretty much have to sell Adapting so I can afford

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