The Quest Begins

I have a list of publishers who will take works without agents to back them up. I'm going to look up the submission guidelines for three of them and go attempt to sell myself.

If they can handle Adapting then they can handle anything else I come out with f'r sure.

And getting something Out There might get me the representation I have been fruitlessly seeking for so very, very long.

I pretty much have to sell Adapting so I can afford a pro editor to go over all my other books. Beta readers are scarce and most often don't get back to me. At least if I pay someone, they're motivated to do the job.

And there's at least one editor on Tumblr who could use an income. We can come to an arrangement. Could probably even pay them in Bitcoin if I needed to.

It's a thought. Gas, and not much more. I'll have to see which way my fates turn.

For now? It's assembling some fiction for your entertainment.