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Tuesday, Patreon, PLNs

Today is my Beloved's Outaversary! Which means I will be baking and frosting a cake to the best of my limited ability, and wrapping a present that is a very awkward shape.

I shall also be posting my Patreon stuff today and buying kittycat fodder and litter. I has the money. We shall see how far it goes.

I already know. Not very. Blargh.

Firkin economy.

Tomorrow, my love and I will be cable hunting. I predict frustration abounding. We shall see.

I really hope I have the full novel on the Drobo. My other last hope is Mum's version on her compy. Which may need some adjustments with a hammer.

Cable first. Bastard version if cable plot fails.

But before all THAT, I have a story to share, fresh baked today.