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Stream Morning Whee

Toastyglow is working some magic, and I am not able to focus on anything else. With luck, I shall be done with today's story before noon. I can hope.

I did manage to do a lot of faffing about, yesterday, and almost zero writing. Since I don't have carbs to stress about, I might actually get another section of the CYOA I'm obsessed with completed.

Then it's two more to go and I can post that mofo somewhere. Woot.

In the news:

  • Victoria's half-arsed measures to contain the virus continue to be ineffective as case numbers climb
  • News keeps saying it's a second wave without understanding what a real second wave looks like
  • Expert says "fuck the vulnerable, go out there and spread the virus" like Sweden did despite Sweden's efforts NOT WORKING
  • Epstein's GF is now about to dish the dirt on a whole bunch of other people and, strictly based on one YouTube thumbnail I saw, one of them might be the Muppet himself...
  • Muppet Jr's GF has the plague
  • Queensland tells Victoria not to come and, if any Karens are caught, they're sent to a hotel room for two weeks - at their own expense
  • Victoria's cases escalate into the hundreds

Nothing from the Muppet yet, but... that's not always a good thing.