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Friday, Day Zero, Lost that bet

Turns out the Proud Boys and company are not nearly as dedicated to their "cause" as any other protestors in the US. Nothing was lit on fire, but plenty of property was wrecked and the federal crime of MAIL THEFT was committed and confirmed with selfies by the idiots posted online. With the local police just letting them in and one confirmed tear gas grenade, they were treated with kid gloves all the way despite being worse than any given agent provocateur at more left-wing protests. That, and they wimped out as soon as it got too cold. The babies.

Further, the Repugnicans have thrown every single one of them under the bus by attempting to identify them as antifa. Nice.

Queensland has local transmissions again - in MeMum's neck of the woods. Fortunately, the vectors for transmission have been missed and Mum's bunkering for the interim. With luck, she'll be able to shop early and travel via Transitcare.

The whole world's gone mad and here are the symptoms:

  • Muppet finally acknowledges Biden's win shortly after his coup attempt fizzles on a cold night
  • Brisbane now in hard lockdown
  • Congress now plotting to use both impeachment and Amendment 25 to remove him from office ASAP
  • Plans for the riot were out in the open weeks ahead of the fact and authorities did bupkiss
  • Muppet throws Pence under the bus. Pence instantly backstabs back
  • Threats left in Democrat offices by Muppet's minions
  • Alongside blood and piles of "debris"
  • People now angry about the death of Trump loyalist who died in the riot
  • ScoMo refuses to upbraid Muppet for his actions
  • Facebook, Twitch, Twitter all ban Muppet, some indefinitely
  • Death toll from the riots now up to four, with three due to unspecified "medical emergencies"
  • Don't believe the accounts that say the mob overwhelmed the police, the police fucking pulled aside the barriers and all but held their hands to escort them in. There's fucking FOOTAGE of this
  • Entire world except a select few condemns the Muppet and his actions on the day of the coup attempt
  • 14YO teen girl allegedly runs off with 15YO boyfriend
  • There's a new way to cut mangoes and the world is up in arms
  • Even Australia's La Nina weather is hotter than previously
  • ScoMo slammed for being a wussie
  • There's now a map outlining when you can expect the plague vaccine
  • One of the people who died in the riots was a dude who helped plan it all. There may be justice after all

I have been hanging on to a prediction since the Muppet tweeted "stand back and stand by" to his minions and it goes like this:

It's 2023. Green power technology is going up all over the map. Meanwhile the US Congress is still debating the protocol vis-a-vis executing a former president for treason. Donald Trump "languishes" in a luxury prison made strictly to contain him and him alone. He is allowed to tweet for good behaviour. He hasn't tweeted in two years.

Given all the noise that happened in 2020 and all the posted shitpost predictions coming true, I'm not sharing this via Tungl. I'd rather have it over here, where I'm allowed to be wrong.

I'm much better at fiction.