Negative Things

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Three days plague free! Yippee!

Let's recap this year:

  • Australia was on lots of fire
  • A heinous plague emerged from China
  • Probes were spotted orbiting the moon [they weren't aliens, boo]
  • Business attempted to tell us that thousands of deaths were preferable to the loss of untold amounts of money
  • The Muppet bought it
  • New Zealand did not
  • Australia tried to straddle the middle
  • Protests erupted in the USA that have bordered on a civil war
  • Fascists gonna fasc
  • Australia nearly beat the plague
  • The Muppet's astroturf campaign succeeded in dragging the plague on for way longer than it should have
  • A bunch of Karens and Koreys in some south-eastern states [coughcough Victoria and New South Wales coughcough] caught the Muppet's Stupid
  • China got upset that trade had stopped because of their plague
  • China decided that going to war and seizing huge amounts of ocean territory was the best way to deal with that
  • NSW is flooding now because freak storm weather because climate change is real


Beloved made bread sometime whilst I was unconscious. White, yeasty bread. On the plus side, the last of the Crusty White Bread Kit is gone. Yay? We still have multigrain bread kit and to be honest I'm not certain if it has become a weevil farm by now.

My Patrons have reason to celebrate, as I recently finished one entire chapter of a thing. I also have another D&D fanfic romantic speculation for the $1 tier. I feel better about my day's posting schedule just because of that. Huzzah.

Great news for me is that Steam Powered Giraffe - best band in the world - have released another song that's going on my lonely bitter Tiefling character's playlist. It just goes like that sometimes.

I have wrist aches that are a sure sign of not enough fat in my diet and new waffle plates for the sandwich press. Dare I make Ham Chaffles? I think I might so dast.

Let's go.