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Challenge #02928-H005: Sdrawkcab Erutnevda

In the world of mirrors, where right is left and up is down. Do not move the hands of time. Walk backwards on the path you taken. Ignore the false eyes that gaze beyond. Only then everything you care for will be safe and sound. -- Anon Guest

I have walked into Rorrim knowing well the hazards. I knew what I had to do. Everything is backwards in Rorrim. It is, after all, the realm of reflection. You go ahead by walking backwards. Everything right is left, everything wrong is right. It's a peculiar realm, but I needed to go there.

To save a life. More specifically, to prevent a death. It's wrong to mess with time, but it's perfectly right in Rorrim. Some people who live there do it all the time. As long as you avoid the Echolalies, you're mostly fine doing anything in there. Mostly.

Do not accept a gift in Rorrim, for that is stealing. Throw coins at people who do you wrong, that is hostility. Pay for things in stone if you must try to trade. Drink sand, and eat toxic leafs and mushrooms. They won't harm you in Rorrim. That said, it's best to fast for a day and a night before you go back. Trust me on this.

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Challenge #01685-D224: Alarming Reflection

Traditionally, vampires could not see their reflection because mirrors were silver-backed. With the invention of aluminum-backed mirrors, a vampire sees their reflection for the first time only to find out... they are the ugliest thing they have ever seen. -- Anon Guest

For centuries, Vampires avoided mirrors. Silvered mirrors would not show them, and the ones backed in gold harmed them. Some would have mirrors made that were backed with brass or bronze... but by and large, Vampires avoided mirrors.

Pierce Opal

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