Long Covid

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Friday, Unfuckening, Long Covid

I'm pretty sure my Cortisol levels are at rock bottom. I am constantly tired and everything is an effort. Hell, I fell over asleep yesterday instead of doing book edits and filtering publishers.

AND I need to re-filter the publishers I've already filtered and sort according to whether or not they take Steampunk because I have some of those to sell as well.

Today, I have halved my roid puffer intake to see if I can deal. So far, so good.

Also today is unfucking the house. Something that's desperately wanting help because GOSH, we have had so many things get in the way.

Life in meatspace always takes priority over anything else we do.

I aim to get something done regarding publishing, today. Some filtering at minimum.

Onwards to storytime.

Monday, Long Covid? Social PLNs

It's not a Long Monday. I cancelled Game Night because Beloved told me at 8PM that there was a dinner we're meant to go to this evening.

So my choices were: a lot of caffeine and being lackluster for the latter half of a 48-hour day, or get some firkin SLEEP and shine for the important stuff.

My mob apparently gave up on game night too. Dag.


We're pondering easier ways to make the dungeons happen so we can get on

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