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Challenge #02505-F315: Useful in a Pinch

A: how pure should the acid be?

B: doesn’t matter as long it be acidic

A: kk

then I proceeded to watch the human put their finger down their throat -- Anon Guest

[AN: Content warning for vomiting]

Humans are great at improvising. Provided, of course, that you don't mind the kind of improvisation that Humans are capable of. For example, do not lock them in an empty room with nothing but a screwdriver and a hammer. Don't even think of locking them in a room with nothing. That's even worse.

Zhyruk knew this, and was sure to look for any interesting playthings for the Ship's Human, Zan. Today, though, that was not the problem. The problem was being stuck in a partially-collapsed old hulk left on a Trashworld. The main article blocking the way could, fortunately, be dissolved by acid.

"Can it be any acid, and does it matter how pure it is?" asked Human Zan. So far, they were doing the heavy lifting, and had picked up a number of objects that ze had said could be useful. Since ze had also figured out various means of carrying them, Zhyruk was not yet ready to complain.

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Challenge #02370-F180: Stone Tools and Bear Skins

An alien crew hires a discount group of human bodyguards to protect them on an expedition to a heavily forested/jungled planet to research the planet life. Murphy's law happens and the alien crew find out they hired the human group that is , as a group, a hybrid of MacGyver, John Wick, and the the A-Team. -- Anon Guest

One of the launch seats, heavily charred, fell out of the tree with a solid thud. The Human who dislodged it had got

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