Challenge #02370-F180: Stone Tools and Bear Skins

An alien crew hires a discount group of human bodyguards to protect them on an expedition to a heavily forested/jungled planet to research the planet life. Murphy's law happens and the alien crew find out they hired the human group that is , as a group, a hybrid of MacGyver, John Wick, and the the A-Team. -- Anon Guest

One of the launch seats, heavily charred, fell out of the tree with a solid thud. The Human who dislodged it had got up there by using a series of ropes, spiked objects, and an apparent disregard for gravity. Another Human, who had neatly sidestepped the falling chair, looked at the burned remains and said, "Whelp. There's your problem." Three other Humans laughed.

The one up the tree shouted, "Three more debris! All metal!" and the Humans working underneath cleared out from the hazard zone. One was carrying the chair. The Humans had been doing this since their explorer vessel exploded in a freak combination of electrical storm and meteor shower, and Grox had yet to understand why.

She was doing what they called 'oxcart duty', which consisted of applying her muscular strength to pull around a cart the Humans had made from convenient pieces. It was, they said, better than hauling "all that crap" by hand. That, and 'oxcart duty' was keeping all the surviving scientists out of harm's way. The Humans, after all, did not want to waste any more time rebuilding their carts.

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