Okay, Here's teh PLN

[Yes, I spelled it like that on purpose]

Today's the day we anticipate sunshine [It's still dark as I write this] and a further week of solar appearance. However, everything is still damp, so we have a day for things to dry out.

Tomorrow, my Beloved and I are boxing out where the concrete goes, and either that afternoon or Wednesday, the concrete flooring is going in! Nobody's going to be able to move that mofo even during the zombie apocalypse.

Wednesday, that business will be drying, but apparently, I'm welcome to apply some Spakfilla to any nasty gaps in the structure, and from thence apply paint once the Spakfilla is dried.

Theoretically, I can apply Spakfilla in the morning and paint in the afternoon. Note the qualifier. I can still hope.

Friday should be okay for applying skin to the frame, attaching the door and all that other nonsense. Which leaves the weekend for roofing and applying pressure to build the walkway.

I may ask Beloved about what matts they need for same because I have some small spare moneys to go on fetch quests.

In health news, I have binged just a smidge too much, so today's a day for Broth and Buggerall Else.

Capt. S. is now more confident with power tools and has a complete kitty shelter for her own beloved felines. Teach your kids all the skillz, folks. Nothing is just for one gender.

Yes, some of the safety equipment can be a little daunting, but safety for any occupation is important. You use oven mitts for hot things, you use hearing protection for loud power tools. It's basic common sense.

...I feel another Wednesday rant coming on. Which has reminded me to set up the poll. I am the diddle daddle dummins.

OTOH, I have plenty of opportunity to get my write on because today should be a day of going nowhere and doing nothing. I only have the money run to fret about and that shall be relatively quick.

Speaking of, I have procrastinated long enough for the mall to be open and the ATM accessible, so I'm off to get some cashola. Story soon!