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Challenge #02565-G008: Around and Around They Go

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He remembered the portal made out of antimatter and tachyon particles, he tried replicating it multiples times but all ended in failures. Many times and many explosive experiences later he came across a strange matter literally called strange matter from a neutron star. Not only it was still stable but also within the same fabric of spacetime. Years later a woman inserted her hand into a three pronged device while a robotic voice exclaimed “very good, you are now in possession of the Aperture Science handheld portal device” -- Anon Guest

[AN: Much though I'd love to ruin my prospects of actually selling an instants anthology for income, I have to decline.]

There had been very much ado about the portal. Five dollars was, indeed, five dollars... and Science was tempted to bet Steve that he couldn't do it again. They also rather feared that he could do it again. Unfortunately, though Humans will do literally anything to win a five dollar bet, they're less able to do it for a mind-bogglingly uncountable stipend.

In brief, though he may have been able to build the portal to win a five-buck bet, there was no way Steve could build it for a billion-dollar business investment. All sorts of theories emerged, mostly considering the vast distances between linked portals and what data could be obtained with teams, supplies, and enough stable time loops to theoretically accelerate technological evolution by ten to twenty thousand years.

The structure already there was 'impossibly old', data gathered from what cameras viewed through the portal. Living, organic eyes never saw the same thing twice, and didn't like what they saw looking back at them. That was really how the experiments began.

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Challenge #02367-F177: Impossible Dreamers

If you think that "something" is impossible to do... Give it to humans and they will make it "possible" -- Anon Guest

Never tell a Human what's impossible. -- Galactic Alliance saying.

They had once said that travelling faster than light was impossible, just like time travel. Humans managed to find one-way wormholes, which utilised both, and then proceeded to use them to seed their colonies all over surprising corners of space. Humans, it seemed, accomplished six impossible things before teatime.


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