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I know I'm getting to sleep. I know I'm sleeping the night... but it's not working as much as it used to. Maybe it's the change of seasons. Maybe it's the time I spend reading in bed. Maybe I just need a coffee. Whatever it is, I'm not as fully "charged" as I'm used to.

Which means I'm back to functioning on low battery.

I know how to do it... I'd just rather not. You know?

My shrink gave me more homework, so as well as working on the Sleep Evil Sleep Project [SESP?] I'll be scribbling up quick doodles about my emotional state. I might even post them to my Instagram. Which means I'll have to add that app to my art pad. Just because it's easier that way.

I'm having trouble with my latest query letter. The guy wants me to describe my book as a blend of two existing things. Eg: The show The Magicians is Harry Potter meets Narnia with a dark twist.

How the hell do I wrap up the entirety of Kung Fu Zombies as "X meets Y" with whatever twist?

Everything else is in line except that. The best I've got is, "I am Legend versus Warm Bodies and it's a dark comedy." I don't even know if that fits, but I am Legend as about the only recent monster post-apocalypse thing that was even remotely popular.

It doesn't fit, not to my mind. I need something better.

But I've been looking up lo-batt self-care tips and one of them is to take a me-hour. If I can budget that in right after working on my novel, that would be fantastic. And on weekends, it could be a bubble bath or something of the ilk.

Of course, all plans are up in the air because of the recent bereavement. I don't know what's happening and when. If the plans we've made before any of this happened will come to fruition. I guess I just have to continue on with them and hope for the best that they actually come to pass.

Which is a horrible state to be in, I admit. My plans at the moment are currently in the control of people who won't talk to me. So I make my own plans and plan to have them derailed at the last possible instant.

Sigh. On with whatever, I guess.