Head Fog

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::Static Noise::

Chaos' birthday, so of course I had carbs.

Sweet, delicious, crunchy carbs.

And of course I have the "hangover" today. Increased Lurgi symptoms. Supremely fuzzy head.

General "fuckit I'm spacing out" attitude seems to be mandatory too.

If I make it through today with anything in relation to work done, I am counting it as a miracle.

Caramel mud cake was totes worth it though.

Challenge #01446-C351: Bad Head Day

:Merrily Doing A Thing:


(To myself) "Wait, no. Logic."

:Stops Doing The Thing: -- RecklessPrudence

Brain fog gets to everyone. Even those who do not, strictly speaking, have brains as we know them.

Rael caught himself in early morning lo-cal fog, holding a bread knife over a large cantaloupe. What he had been about to do was unclear but cutting had to be involved.

"This is not right," he told himself. He put the knife down, put the cantaloupe into the

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