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The day I've been dreading

Today promises to be full of the sads. Sads are definitely allowed and should not be held back on.

I will sorely miss her.

I will miss discovering new things with her, sharing obsessions with her, and occasionally plotting to take over the world with her because those who had it already were clearly doing it wrong.

I will miss her tales of the Yatla Panthers - one of the Aussie East Coast's less well-known cryptids. As well as allegedly a parent to one of her cats.

I will miss sending her odd bits and pieces I've discovered in my wiki walks. I will miss the way she had a seemingly infinite reserve of information about the stars, co-stars, and goings-on behind the scenes of our favourite shows.

...I was slightly jealous of her direct line to Nana Visitor. I have to confess.

I loved the way, when we could write fictions together, we would do so in a synergetic whirl where almost anything seemed possible.

May she find rest and peace. May she dwell in other worlds where her fondest dreams are reality. May her strength of soul enrich us for the rest of our days.

Challenge #01595-D134: The Memory Lingers On

The culch (useful junk), box for those glorious moments when. "I've got to be a Insert costume here tomorrow." arrive. -- Anon Guest

JOAT Erin had passed from this life and into whichever afterlife ze found the most entertaining. Pantheists such as Erin were expected to shop around in several for a few years and send a sign when they'd found the right one. Since Erin had no family that accepted hir, and no progeny to take up their work, the assembled

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