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Friday, Forgotten PLNs and Chaos

Not Miss Chaos, the generalised chaos that seems to go hand-in-hand with my life as I know it.

So it's natural that I forgot I was taking Pippi to get her shots. I also forgot that Beloved and I were getting our hair did today.

Mayhem refused to help me with the recycling, so I got Miss Chaos to do the same thing and will be paying her when all the work is done. Win for her.

I have made a start on level 13 of the maps for D&D. I'm spending some time crafting the tokens, and some time drawing the map. It's working so far. Nicking some pictures from D&D public sources can help, but sometimes I need some avatar creators.

Because my personal art skills are a little bit on the whiffy side when using a mouse. Trust me on this.

I shall be taking my tablet with me so I can work on Chapter 146 of A Devil's Tale and I'm headed towards more fun parts of the story, so I fully expect to be rocketting onwards.

...Mum hasn't sent me any updates on where she is in the test read. I get it. Real life gets in the way of things. She can't take my book with her everywhere like I take my tablet to write it.

Speaking of PLNs, I may not have any time to actually do the cans run today. And I'm doing the Parkrun tomorrow. And D&D on Sunday night.

I had tentatively reserved Monday for helping MeMum with Crimbolio shopping [and do some myself] but I have no idea if Beloved can do the driving. AUGH.

And Mayhem wants to be trundling around on the coming Tuesday.

I'll figure it out. I'm good at that.