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Wednesday, Day Zero, New Anthology Who Dis

What I thought of as the last story of 2020 was actually the first story of 2021. At least I was only one story out. And I only had the fail towards the end of the year. Huzzah. My footnotes on the other hand...

I have one hundred and sixty-something footnotes. I've checked them up to the 80's and the count is already out by two. I might have closer to one hundred and seventy-something footnotes. Time will tell.

By the way, three new cases take the total to twenty-six. One local transmission being the hubby of the cleaner who had the plague from the hotel. Here's hoping that they're all in quarantine.

I also need a nice, free art program that can edit PSD's because I shall need a new book cover RSN. Gotta research on that.

Wordpress is going to be another installation of Destiny's Fools because I don't want to bitch about editing on a platform that's about my writing and my approach to philosophy regarding the world.

Speaking of the world... what's it been up to?

  • Police offer $1 million for information leading to the solving of a 1987 murder in Ballarat
  • Woolies Coleslaw recalled because salmonella
  • Dude slammed for TP hoarding was actually stocking up on supplies for his Airbnb places
  • 4K Muppet minions apparently plotting to repeat their failure
  • Hillary Clinton called all of this years ago
  • In completely unrelated news [/s] there are large volumes of Muppet minions who are now on the "no fly list" and can't go home. They are, unsurprisingly, calling this terrorism. Tonedeaf much?
  • UK man has a rare disorder that turns carbs into alcohol. Guess he's going on the Keto
  • Someone managed to graffito a manatee with the Muppet's name. No, really
  • Facebook now removing any post or content with "Stop the Steal" in it
  • Mother-in-law shares woman's pregnancy news on Facebook before actual pregnant person could share news as she wished. Rude
  • Tonedeaf Muppet claims his "we love you" speech was "totally appropriate"
  • Coon cheese now rebranded as "Cheer". Cheers, have some cheese
  • Muppet tries to claim Antifa were in the riots, told to stop it by loyal supporter

I need more hugs.