Day Twenty-Five

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Friday, Plague Day 25, An Attempt?

I now know that the tremula is one hundred percent the result of the roid puffer. How did I learn?

I forgot to take it last night so this morning was amazingly tremula-free until I took it. Yay.

It did take most of the day, but I got most of Mum's online stuff sorted. She still can't do internet banking because of an ouroborous entry system. That's going to necessitate talking to a person at the branch.

Today, I am going to clean out the catio myself, now that I'm no longer wobbly from the fucking Rona. I might enlist Mayhem as backup just in case there's a turn.

I shall also filter more publishers and build another chamber of the firkin dungeon.

There is so... much... dungeon.

Onwards to storytime.