Behind the Scenes

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Thursday, Going Forward

I didn't do anything productive, yesterday. I wound up spending most of my waking hours playing Minecraft and watching YouTube.


I got a bit of gastro interference in my PLNs to snuggle cuddly with my Beloved, but I should hope I am much better after a long rest.

I shall at least try to accomplish some behind-the-curtain stuff today. According to my capabilities of course.

I am also looking forward to Game Night with Friendo Awesome and the rainbow crew. Fingers crossed I actually remember that before I decide to turn in for an extended napnap.

I haven't been great at it so far.

Please look behind the curtain

Further to yesterday's rant musings, I thought I might encourage you to take your entertainment at more than face value.

Like Dorothy and Toto, take a look at the man behind the curtain.

By which I mean, spend some time watching Making of documentaries. Or even some instructional How to videos. Or ask your nearest artistic hero (if you can) what their process is.

I know, it might bore you to tears. You can be brave for just one day.

I have

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