Back to School

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Tuesday, Patreon and Back to School

Miss Chaos is going back to school today. She's bounding with energy and I want a share of it, damnit. Also on my agenda today is the regular Patreon stuff, more dungeon to dragon in, and maybe some CritRole on the side.

I should also check out what live entertainment there is so we can do something new and strange on one of our date nights.

In a few short minutes, I shall be posting my tale for today, and then it shall be bus o'clock and I may or may not be working on A Devil's Tale or perhaps figuring out what the HELL I'm doing for Kingdom of Sand: The Merchant of Lies.

Wish me luck on that one.

Patreon stuff is happening today and now I have to explain Hanahaki, and what fun Chronic Hanahaki can be.

Look out for that one.