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Challenge #03155-H246: The Right Kind of Electronic Babysitter

Several children, Humans, Havenworlders, and other Deathworlders, trapped together in the nursery. The power had gone out and the doors had locked. Everyone was scared, then someone started singing. Soon each youngster took turns singing their favorite lullabies their parentals would sing them to sooth them, and, as a result, when rescue finally got to them, all the kids were contentedly close to each other, peacefully asleep. The first singer? An independant AI nanny who'd just finished charging and unplugged just as the power had gone down. -- Anon Guest

N4N-E had to take some time to examine their initialisation footage. The children had been engaged in play and, as they began their warm-up procedure, the lights had gone out. Night mode engaged, filling N4N-E's visual input with shades of green. Their audio input filled with shrieks and screaming. Danger assessment became priority one.

Passive air circulation was in operation. Infonets down as the electricity had failed. Other AI's around the station were using more primitive radio bands to ping each other. The children were not hurt. Just panicked. Crying.

Initiate subsystem "calm and orderly". N4N-E ran their star-field lights and launched one of the soporific tunes. "Allouette, gentile allouette/ Allouette je te plumerai..."

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Challenge #02886-G329: Parallels in Babysitting

(My husband, talking about our children's habit of climbing on me before falling asleep)

"The little ones climb the big ones" -- Anon Guest

Even on Havenworlds, there is one rule followed by nature. If you want to keep your young safe, keep them close. Some prefer the strategy of over-breeding so that some survive to adulthood, but that's more of a Deathworlder thing. Given this fact, it is small surprise that the young of any species seek closeness with those who

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