Challenge #02886-G329: Parallels in Babysitting

(My husband, talking about our children's habit of climbing on me before falling asleep)

"The little ones climb the big ones" -- Anon Guest

Even on Havenworlds, there is one rule followed by nature. If you want to keep your young safe, keep them close. Some prefer the strategy of over-breeding so that some survive to adulthood, but that's more of a Deathworlder thing. Given this fact, it is small surprise that the young of any species seek closeness with those who are older.

Just how they do so is generally dependant on the mobility of the young concerned. Thusly, when Fl'th'pt trusted Human Zori with hir clutch, the Human reacted positively when the little tentacled darlings instinctually began to clamber towards his head.

"Aaawww... I'm their safety zone," cooed Human Zori. He petted the lead climber's head as the baby reached his chest. "Hewwo darlin'. Hewwo."

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