Artisinal Herb Business

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Slow Progress

I took the precaution of packing a parasol on my morning walk. Alas, the plovers who perplexed me previously were not present to persist in piercing my pate. Ah well. Better to look a fool than be one.

So far, I have washed all the bottles [one of the larger jars did not make it through the journey home and I must then nip out and snag a replacement]. I have all my stuff lined up and I have a surprisingly large volume of gift grass mixed as much as we could manage and currently residing in the stock pot.

For anyone planning to work with gift grass: Look out, this stuff is nearly as bad as the other craft herpes - glitter.

It sticks to you. It lurks. It hides. It clumps. It refuses to co-operate with the very best of your intentions.

In brief: it's a firkin bastard. Especially the paper stuff. Never use the firkin paper stuff.

Secondly - gift grass is capable to expand to four times its previous volume. Possibly as many as ten. Beware. Get too much and it will attempt to overtake your entire suburb.

I will be fighting this stuff into nine decorative baskets. Possibly after I have done literally everything else but wrangle gift grass.

...I'm about to have a bad time...

Herbing 'till I plotz...

I promised a photojournal entry, and you're about to get a photojournal entry.

We start with a simple, neglected herb garden:

Pictured, smol child, large rosemary Chaos is looking nervous because there was a wasp on the other side.

Chaos showing off a washing basket full of cut herbs We got a basket full of cuttings. most of them were actually useful.

This is just the LEFTOVER rosemary The leftovers. Some sprigs are bundled with the hope of making decent potential tea.

Finished Rosemary oil. It will be going out in much smaller bottles Heat-infused rosemary oil looks gross when its done, and in bulk.

Mint still being processed I had a freaking LOT of mint. So much that

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