Herbing 'till I plotz...

I promised a photojournal entry, and you're about to get a photojournal entry.

We start with a simple, neglected herb garden:

Pictured, smol child, large rosemary Chaos is looking nervous because there was a wasp on the other side.

Chaos showing off a washing basket full of cut herbs We got a basket full of cuttings. most of them were actually useful.

This is just the LEFTOVER rosemary The leftovers. Some sprigs are bundled with the hope of making decent potential tea.

Finished Rosemary oil. It will be going out in much smaller bottles Heat-infused rosemary oil looks gross when its done, and in bulk.

Mint still being processed I had a freaking LOT of mint. So much that I'm contemplating using the bigger bottles for the gift basket. The house is going to be firkin aromatic for ages, yet.

And we're going to have plenty of leftovers to use or throw out as circumstances decree.

Not pictured: The devastation I left in my wake in the garden, and the brewing rosemary vinegar.

I cut down on the risks of botulism by blanching the rosemary I'm using for the vinegar. In three weeks' time, it's all going to be strained, rebottled, and parcelled up.

I'm going to price sealing wax, today. Going to need it for the presentation.