Slow Progress

I took the precaution of packing a parasol on my morning walk. Alas, the plovers who perplexed me previously were not present to persist in piercing my pate. Ah well. Better to look a fool than be one.

So far, I have washed all the bottles [one of the larger jars did not make it through the journey home and I must then nip out and snag a replacement]. I have all my stuff lined up and I have a surprisingly large volume of gift grass mixed as much as we could manage and currently residing in the stock pot.

For anyone planning to work with gift grass: Look out, this stuff is nearly as bad as the other craft herpes - glitter.

It sticks to you. It lurks. It hides. It clumps. It refuses to co-operate with the very best of your intentions.

In brief: it's a firkin bastard. Especially the paper stuff. Never use the firkin paper stuff.

Secondly - gift grass is capable to expand to four times its previous volume. Possibly as many as ten. Beware. Get too much and it will attempt to overtake your entire suburb.

I will be fighting this stuff into nine decorative baskets. Possibly after I have done literally everything else but wrangle gift grass.

...I'm about to have a bad time...