Challenge #01045-B313: Inexplicable In-Jokes

Did we ever figure out why you can't stop laughing whenever I say the word "pineapple"? -- Gallifreya

Giggles filled the break room. Of course they did. The inherently funny word had been uttered. They managed to stop.

"I dunno, to be honest. It's just a ridiculous fruit. The entire rest of the world calls them Ananas. They're nothing like an apple. They never came from a pine tree[1]. I mean - English language, what the ever-loving flip?"

"Maybe it sounded too much like Bananas?"

"Eeeeh. Enough other languages have variants on 'banana' and they don't have a problem. I mean, it was a few decades or more before they stopped using them only for decoration[2]. It was probably too late by the time they realised they were nothing like apples at all."

"Could be worse. I mean, the French took one look at the potato and called it 'pomme de terre'. Literally, apple of the earth."

"Same time period, I reckon. All that stuff came from the Americas."

"At least nobody messed up 'sugar cane', right?"

"Pretty hard to mess that up."

The boss poked his head in. "You're supposed to be having lunch. Are you slacking off on that, too?"

"Um," said Wendy. "Found something funny in m' fruit salad."

Gorgia giggled. "...pineapple..."

They both cackled.

The boss just gave them one of her patented, The Shit I Have To Deal With sighs.

[1] In before you flood the comments with the logic: Yes, I know. 'Apple' was a more generic name for fruit in the time when the Pineapple was named, and it did resemble a pinecone, therefore, the English called them Pineapples.

[2] Actual historical truth: Pineapples and other then-exotic fruits were so highly prized that they weren't eaten, but used decoratively as a display of wealth [Until they went nasty and had to be tossed]. That's why you find carved pineapples featured on certain vintage furnishings, or fake pineapple vintage china.

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