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Saturday, Day Zero, Hiding a lot

Queensland is now in mega lockdown for three days. There's nine new cases, all apparently from overseas and caught in quarantine. There's twenty-three total active cases and... yeah... not going very far from home because of that.

Fun times.

It's four in the morning and I have been awake since the late hours of the evening previous, so I'm going to take a nap and then get on with today's tale.

The Muppet's rolled over and pleaded for his minions to go home and let the mechanics of democracy go on as it will. This after he definitively lost.

Let's see what the news has to say about it:

  • ScoMo tells travelers in Aus to stay where they are
  • Gridlock as people attempt to flee Brisbane in a wild panic
  • Masks now mandatory on flights, and pre-flight testing is being adopted
  • Footage of Muppet family celebrating at a rally -just before the Capitol Riots- hits the internet. This is, as you might guess, a bad look
  • Muppet still plans to pardon himself
  • Australia's going to get hot anyway
  • Democrats moving to impeach Muppet at Warp 9
  • Muppet plans to snub Biden's inauguration, which will be easy if he's imprisoned for treason
  • Capitol police under intense scrutiny after they let the rioters into the House and Senate
  • Melania vanishes
  • Woman quits job with a smilie face
  • A Texas real-estate mogul took a private jet to participate in the riots

...I'm going to bed.