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Thursday, Stuff and Things

I have a dental appointment today, and I have to turn up early. That will dictate where the rest of my day goes.

I will have either one or two curses to remove during my following nonsense.

Aunt E has some continuing troubles and curse removal seems like a viable option at this point. Fortunately, I know a few places who sell some decent curse removal stuff.

As for the other curse... my laptop has developed some quirk. The mouse pad has decided to either not respond or get stuck in one place. We cleaned the screen, we rebooted the thing, we twiddled about with the touchscreen... it might be de-cursed, but it also might have to go to the shop to get a repair.

We shall see how things go there. And if it needs a fix-up, I shall also have to spend a handful of minutes updating the master document part three before it goes in for a degrouting, so to speak.

It's a pain in the bum, but if it's gotta be done, then it's gotta be done.

So let's get going before I have to get going.