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Challenge #03928-J276: It's Teamwork

There was a child who was stricken with a rare disease. As they mature their mind degrades losing any sense of emotion or feeling. Doctors and engineers created an artificial intelligence that is able to compensate and amplify the faded emotions. The brain and the AI work as one being, giving the child the life they deserve. But the doctors didn’t know as the child sleep the mind split into two beings. One as the emotion deprived human, the other being the exuberant AI. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This is going to NOT be an expy for Autism happening. Because this sounds exactly like the allistic interpretation of Autism on slow mode]

To an outside observer, Pip appeared to be a quiet, well-behaved child. Ze did hir schoolwork to the best of hir ability. Ze obeyed the rules, did what ze was told, and was rarely disruptive. Pip wasn't the best student in the world, but hir teachers could tell that ze was trying hir best.

There were other things that were worrying.

Bullies could not hurt Pip emotionally, and caught trouble for hurting hir physically. None counted Pip as a friend. The best Pip had was family and associates or classmates. The problem was that none could reach hir emotions. Ze didn't seem to have any.

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Challenge #03400-I112: Taking Them Out

They sold the Dereggers what they CLAIMED was a disintegration weapon. Shoot it at an enemy, the enemy vanished, often screaming in fear. In fact, they sold many. Imagine the people's shocked faces when they found they "reappeared" aboard one of many pods hidden in that system's massive asteroid belts, being taken, carefully, to safety. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I decided a long time ago that my Amalgam Universe did not have teleportation devices, so this is Amalgam Adjacent. One universe over,

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Challenge #03067-H159: Take Only Pictures...

Animals go extinct constantly on Earth due to habitat loss and human misuse of the lands and animal stocks. Thanks to the paradox of time, and good ships, they came since the earliest era, and animals being driven to extinction due to human actions were collected and taken to pristine worlds where they could thrive, being careful to introduce the animals in a way that didn't harm, or alter, the local ecology, but rather where the animals could integrate into the ecological

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Challenge #02717-G160: A Plot From the Slush Pile

A human gets body-swapped with a short avian havenworlder just before a band of vorax attack, they find the 'human' cowering, and the chirpy bird missing... -- Anon Guest

[AN: Mind swaps are silly episode ideas so this is entirely non-canon to my pet universe]

"Aw, what the hell?" complained Human De, currently Thelid De, since hir mind was in Thelid Vaax's body. "This is like every badly-written filler episode in the history of everything!"

Human Vaax, once Thelid Vaax said, "I

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