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Challenge #03388-I100: Saved by Thermodynamics

Their crewmates have been running themselves ragged, panicking. Their ship wouldn't take off, the weather outside was dangerously cold with blizzards, and help wouldn't arrive for at least two weeks, minimum. Fortunately, napping rolls, a guitar, and hot tea, should help soothe frayed nerves. -- Anon Guest

"You did what?" Captain Karp bared her teeth at the ships' Human, who seemed very calm about present events. "We're stuck in a blizzard for two weeks[1], we're already in danger from the snow and you buried us in more snow?"

"Sort of," allowed Human Ros. He was still smiling. "I sort of built the ship an igloo. Well kind of an igloo hangar. See the secret is all about air flow, and if you want--"

"I want to survive this mayhem with our crew and their sanity intact. You've killed us all."

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Challenge #03067-H159: Take Only Pictures...

Animals go extinct constantly on Earth due to habitat loss and human misuse of the lands and animal stocks. Thanks to the paradox of time, and good ships, they came since the earliest era, and animals being driven to extinction due to human actions were collected and taken to pristine worlds where they could thrive, being careful to introduce the animals in a way that didn't harm, or alter, the local ecology, but rather where the animals could integrate into the ecological

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