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Thursday Already?

Like the late Dent, Arthur Dent, I can never get the hang of Thursdays. They sneak up on me and shock mne with the knowledge that another week is almost over.

Well, shit.

What we have accomplished:

  • Stapled the entire top of the cat cage.
  • Situated the kitty's walkway part one.
  • Built the frame for junction box one.
  • Painted same (two coats).
  • Cut, ground, and fit some wire mesh to the frame (which needs a touch-up because scraping happened)

Cool, but emotionally, it feels like nothing.

Same with the novel this week. I can only do 500 words per diem and it feels so lackluster, it hurts. Maybe today, I shall have the wherewithal to put in 1K or have the time to record a few stories.

Because output is the only way I have to measure my worth at the moment. I need to get that part of my noggin fixed. Or at minimum permit myself to fail once more.