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Sunday, Day 0, Happenings

Plague news: One new case, local transmission. There's nineteen total active cases with seven in hospital. Australia's at 75% first vax, 51% fully vaxed, with Queensland at 45% fully vaxxed.

I have completed all my boards. AAAAH. Which means I have a week to read the adventure book and familiarise myself to what's up within. AAAAAAHHH!

I am newbie DM as of next week. Terrifying.

We have finally unfucked a large amount of environment with small pockets of nonsense here and there as varying things are recognised as either wanted or important.

I need to figure out where some of the stuff on my desk is going, because the cats keep knocking it off. Later. Probably not today.

Not looking at the news today. Stream starting after TaleFoundry. Freaking out happening all week.

Aberford Kickstarter

Aberford Kickstarter









Hey everyone, we're trying something called Thunderclap, which lets our supporters donate a little slice of their social media power to us when we launch our Kickstarter. When the Kickstarter goes live, Thunderclap will send out a one-time message about it on all the accounts who agreed to support Aberford, making a big wave across social media.

It's a great way generate some buzz about the game, especially for those of you

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Call for beta-readers

I need readers, soon, for my finished alpha draft of Kung Fu Zombies.

It has to pass through Beloved’s hands first. Of course.

After that, I will need people who can get back to me in a relatively fast time [if you can devour a book in a day - great! If you can retain info from that, then better] and especially people with a sense of humour.

My idea of funny generally sails over other peoples’ heads. So I need

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