Sunday, Tale Foundry plus Game Night

Procrastination is my copilot and if I don't quit that noise, I am going to pay for it later.

Gotta be kind to Future Nutter.

I now have a PLN of action to get Chaos' NDIS sorted at long freaking last. I should also make an appointment to see the quack because some parts of my physique have become very painful and will require medical intervention.

I'm also taking along my Beloved and some independent test results because the doctor I keep ending up seeing has this way of dismissing, derailing, and diminishing my concerns and requests. I don't want to be a knomira about this, but this guy... Ugh.

Making the appointment cometh first. Can't fight battles I haven't lost just yet. So to speak.

Story as soon as I can. More shenanigans later tonight.