Challenge #03485-I197: A Terror in Tulle

Never, EVER, assume, just because the human's so much smaller than you, that you can just bully them. You will NOT like the results! -- Anon Guest

There is an ancient Human saying, Never trust a very small girl in a frilly pink glitter tutu with a sword. The reason why it's a Human saying is only known to those who work at Renfairs. It certainly wasn't known to the attacking pirates when they encountered the equivalent of a lost tourist bus.

A Carrier Cruiser is a little bit more than an array of seats with a toilet in the back, and a lot less than a "floating resort" cruise liner. It does contain a lot of the same kinds of people.

Including a little girl in frou-frou tulle and fairy wings, with one hand tight around her teddybear and the other seemingly grafted to her mouth via the thumb. If they knew what they were about to face, they'd have turned around then and there. Those who did know were far away and not in a position to debate getting popcorn.

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