Saturday, Game Night Ho!

Tonight is another night for Gort to enter the shenanigans. Timing of everyone willing, of course.

In the meantime, I will do either one chamber or one void in TaleSpire. Building dungeon be hard. Blargh.

Then I shall think of something to add to Alfarell. If I am so inspired.

I am so tired today -_- I might just default to playing Minecraft with my fellow maniacs from D&D.

I need to go Redstone Hunting again. Hargle blargle. Always SUCH fun -_- I've already lost my life and my holding twice in Lava Harvesting within the Nether. And most of my readers may not understand what that means.

However, I have tale to share and a day to have and a Catio to clean because I forgot yesterday fml. Onwards!

Yoiks and away.