Sunday, Streaming Nonsense

I have done my stretchies, I have run some more dungeon, and I am about to do my story stream. Once I'm done learning about this one thing I'm watching.

And when I'm done writing this blog. And have published it.

I might be able to do a little more than normal now that I'm waking up at 4AM rather than 3AM, but results may vary. Depending entirely on my ability to want to do anything.

I may yet spend today catching up on the shows I've been wanting to watch for some time. And napping. I really wanna catch some naps.

And despite my best efforts, my wrists are hurting anyway. Maybe I should try to stretch before I do a DM sesh. That could be fun.

"Fun" pronounced, "interesting to manage the logistics thereof."

Ow. Onwards anyway.