Sunday, Day Zero, Lazy Day

Twenty-nine total cases, only one of which is new. I'm still nervous about the high number of cases. Paranoia is fun.

I got a LOT achieved yesterday, mostly on the "while you're there" principal. Let's see. In order:

  1. Start bread thawing
  2. Fetch parcel [I now own two copies of the TAZ board game and I don't know how that happened since they didn't ship to Aus when I ordered it]
  3. Cash in bottles and cans at the recycle place [something close to $70 total]
  4. Get bulk supplies at Costco
  5. Deliver same home
  6. Get more supplies at Little Woolies
  7. Deliver same home
  8. Make bread
  9. Deliver eldest child to smol social event
  10. Acquire and devour ice cream as part of the day's carb feast

That's a honkin' lot for this ageing nerd. So today's PLNs are:

  • Attend Toasty stream [done]
  • Write Instant [next]
  • Slug off and enjoy myself

Very simple. And so am I. At least, today I am...