Sunday, Day 0, The Big Reveal

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Fifty-one total active cases, with seventeen in hospital. None in the ICU.

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for. The reveal.

The love of my life, my partner in crime, my soulmate, lifemate, and personal world's best cuddle-buddy has come out as a trans woman. I will no longer be using 'they' to refer to her, but I'm still maintaining the lack of names for safety reasons.

We're in for a wild ride and I am here for every second of it. Y'all can make a leap of logic regarding my gender for sure, but it doesn't count. I don't give a shit about my gender.

Beloved's personal goal is coding hard towards female. My personal goal is formenting confusion in the greater public because I am a chaos gremlin.

And now for the shitty bit.

Beloved can't get her gender marker on her birth certificate changed until she gets GRS. Gender Reassignment Surgery. Which means one important document will have that traitor M on it until she gets a painful, expensive, and ineffective surgery that has a high risk of threatening her life. That SUCKS.

So many trans ladies do not want to have "The Surgery" and there's reasons for that. Not limited to how the modern procedure goes forth. Go google that. It's not that nice. I'll leave it at explaining that the surgical change is purely cosmetic.

Anyway. News:

  • We are currently the most vaccinated nation, but they're telling us we'll need a third dose to be super safe
  • Engagement party-throwers are getting death threats. Say hello to the consequences of your actions you firkin Knomiras
  • Taliban horseshit
  • China threatening Australia by... not buying our steel. No worries, we'll just sell it to other people like everything else they threatened us with
  • Anti-lockdown rallies now deemed 'sickening'
  • Mum spooked by a random insect turning up on her babycam
  • Tesla unveils spooky humanoid robot
  • Some dillhole set a horse on fire
  • OnlyFans now banning the content that initially made it popular. Once more, sex workers trying to make ends meet are ousted from a platform that formerly encouraged them. Traitors

Toasty may or may not be streaming this time. Knowing in advance when the next stream is will have to happen at a later date.