Challenge #03130-H221: But We Love Them...

The crew ends up getting stuck on a Level 2 Deathworld and the Humans tame a few of the large omnivores and train them to be ridden. At least until rescue arrives.

"No you CAN'T bring it with, Humans!" -- Anon Guest

Over half of the plantlife was generically toxic. The other half had to be processed in order to be edible more than once[1]. The wildlife was neither shy nor retiring. So, of course, the Ships' Humans flakking loved it, there.

Humans. Place them in an area with unfamiliar and likely hostile wildlife, turn around for two seconds, they will have tamed something. Such was true of the Riding Hogs, so named on the Walks Like A Duck Principal[2]. Trying to tell the Humans that they were not pigs was a wasted effort. They were now and forever Riding Hogs.

They also had cute names, like "Snuffy" and "Twinkle". Much to the captain's regret. Calling a one point five sidu[3] creature with obvious fangs and a burning hatred in their eyes "Fluffy" was counter to so many sensibilities. Nevertheless, they were also majestically useful. The harvesting range of the gung-ho Humans expanded to an astonishing degree.

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