Sunday, Day 0, Tech Support

Plague News: THIRTY-ONE new cases! Twenty-four local, seven imports. One hundred and nine total active cases, fifty-one of those are imports. It's all going to shit, and it's going to get worse. Sigh. Australia's at 93.7% first vax, 90% fully vaxxed. Queensland's edged ahead of WA, at 89% first vax, 83.6% fully vaxxed.

"Learning to live with the virus," should have meant, "Change our habits to prevent or slow the spread of the disease," and NOT "lol let it loose and let the weak die." The Knomiras are running riot and roughshod over people they don't know and, because of who they are, don't care about either.

News says we could get to 25K/day. I don't want to get to 25K/day. That could fucking kill me.

Today, following my stream, I head off to MeMum's to do vital tech support like - installing her new speakers and making sure her check-in app has the vax certificate added. And maybe getting rid of MacAffee and Bing. Again.

In the news:

  • China about to have a housing bubble that's going to implode
  • 22YO woman looks underage because she stopped growing
  • Her Majesty dishes out Drama this yuletide message
  • Twitter drama in the Cricket-o-sphere
  • More Knomiras causing more problems in Melbourne. Get over your self-importance, snowflakes, and start acting like you care about other people
  • 9YO has gone missing in QLD
  • Bad news for getting kids vaccinated against the plague
  • ScoMo acts like a human being at a memorial
  • More male celebs are outed as predators
  • More bitcoin nonsense

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