Challenge #03249-H340: Winning the Rat Race

The CEO hears how bad it is for their workers, but refuses to believe it. So they sneak into the factories in disguise and learn the truth, much to their horror and disgust. Time to make some changes before everyone dies. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Guaranteed no Deregger CEO would do this if they hadn't lost a bet]

"Those shiftless layabouts don't know what's good for them," complained CEO Bes Koppel for the umpty billionth time. "If they want heat, they should work faster"

Trader Cal had had enough. They had heard this song too many times and could not put up with another rendition of it. "I bet you the entire worth of your financial empire - in Time[1] - that you can't live like one of them for six months."

Since one Hour of GalStand trading fiduciary units was worth several billion of Koppel's grinbaks, it was a bet he couldn't refuse. "Holy shit, you are going to be in debt for the rest of your life."

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