Sunday, Day 0, Stream

Plague news: Five new cases, none local and five imports. Forty-nine active with forty-three in hospital.

I've figured out TaleSpire and no, I won't be able to make all of Whitekeep in it. At least not until they have all of the extant Wizards maps available for DM customisation.

Which may never happen.

Which means I'll be better off figuring this horseshit out by hand on my iPad. Blargh.

In the news:

  • The only thing we should care about is Wimbledon
  • ...and the royals who go there
  • New graphs show the latest outbreak is even worse than the last one
  • Latest trend in shoplifting is to mark expensive veg as cheap veg at the self-serve
  • Musk likely making money by how often he slams bitcoin and ethereum
  • Agency caught out with blatant photoshop job
  • Pair of 24YOs make the news by... ::checks notes:: not going out, saving up, and working harder than they should so they can buy a home

Toasty's started streaming, and my story will be happening after Tale Foundry. Stay tuned.