Sunday, Day 0, Something New

Plague news: One new case, an import. Thirteen total cases and nine are in hospital. We're holding steady. Ish.

Bad news: the bread I made on Friday turned out to be sods. Dough in the middle. Bleh.

Good news: I now have purple hair. Pretty much the colour of plum jam.

Bad news: It's not that great a look considering my usual pallor. I need more vibrant colours in my life.

Good news: It was a great stream this morning and later today I shall start working on programming an app! Yaaay! My Patreon sponsors will know what that is, but for the rest of you... there will soon be an application that will let you read my stories on any device anywhere, anytime. You should be able to personalise your reading experience, too. If things go well.

Things may not go well.

In the news:

  • The lab theory once again raises its ugly head as a plausibility, despite numerous geneticists saying it was not a gmod plague
  • Latest anti-lockdown Knomiras are saying that the plague is a "communist plot" to "enslave" them. Yikes on bikes
  • A teen once thought drugged and kidnapped turns up hale and hearty at a traffic stop
  • Mitch McConnel keeps saving the Muppet's arse despite hating it. Why? Spite against the Democrats
  • Police raid what they think is a weed farm, find a cryptocoin mine instead
  • Baby swallows Aldi token and has to be hospitalised. Keep those things on your keychain and out of the reach of children
  • Knomira punches flight attendant for trying to enforce mask rules, gets put on the no-fly list. Let's see you talk to the manager about that one
  • Australia has yet another cactus plague. Where's the wee moth that eats wheel cactii?
  • Famous Knomira from lockdowns past resurfaces to sing to people. Charming

I'm going to catch a nap and then get back on for fiction and programming "fun". News as events warrant.