Sunday, Day 0, PLNs and Plots

I'm still not looking at the statistics or the news. I just can't stand it any more. There's a reason why I stayed away from the news before the firkin plague hit.

Too many people making truly daft decisions for the lure of money rather than the greater good. Or because it's what they think their holy book tells them to. Or because cruelty's just in their DNA.

Too many people choosing to be nasty instead of figuring out where two kind hands could get them. Too much bitterness. Too many arseholes and not enough baseball bats...

So I'm taking time away from reporting numbers of infections, deaths, and how few vaccines are administered. I'm not looking at the headlines. I'm turning my back on doom and gloom until I stop feeling doomed and gloomy.

Today, until my bedtime, I am devoting myself to FAFF. I will write my Instant story and then just... enjoy myself. I may read ahead for the adventure tonight. I might not. For the daylight hours, I am not obligated by anything.

May it be a relief, and not a source of guilt.