Challenge #03325-I037: Deceptively Simple Spellwork

"Oh I'm going to hate this" muttered Wraithvine as they entered the town to drop off Slippery Sam. Amatu put the bell back in a pack that Wraithvine enchanted so only Amatu could open it, and, to avoid thieves, a curse on the pack so only those that had no intention on stealing it from Amatu could touch it without getting their hands proverbially "slapped".

Poor Wraithvine was going to endure a lot of discomfort while they researched why the bell did that to magic users, the painfulness of its effect proportional to how powerful the being's magic was, it seemed, and how to protect friends while letting that rather painful effect fell enemy magic users. It seemed it was a wonderful anti-magi / anti-wizard weapon of immense power, at least that was ONE of its many abilities, though it seemed Amatu's ability "command", was getting stronger, too. For any time he said a direct, harsh, command to someone, they seemed almost compelled to obey, along with his ability to touch someone and heal them, and several others. -- Anon Guest

They had eventually worked it out. If Pondermoore acted as full cover between Wraithvine and the bell, Amatu could use it without fear of knocking out their strongest ally. Progress of a sort. What they really had to do was protect the bell, and possibly Amatu, from ne'er-do-wells in the big city.

Which meant making sure they could not lift it from Amatu's waist. The resulting pouch looked very ordinary, if one didn't bother to read the runes at its mouth. Wraithvine and Amatu could.

"If lost, return to Amatu Baumkyn?" said the lad of destiny. "Do not open?"

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