Monday, Day 0, Long Day Ahead

Still not looking at the infection news, but I doubt the numbers are doing any better. I doubt the world has got any smarter. Especially not about the gorram plague.

Still, the murder hobos got to do some murdering, though it was a close thing for a change. I gotta count the corpses and figure out the loot and then work out what the next step is. Fun.

But likely not today. Today my challenge is to stay conscious until the bus returneth in the afternoon because Miss Chaos goes to school in person today. Huzzah.

Which means I also have to chase the kid in the direction of being organised. Woohoo.

Sometime after she's offski, Beloved is getting laser treatment and I'm reading stories to the TaleFoundry.

Then I really should feed my Starters because I forgot that on the weekend. They should be okay. I used them both to make bread earlier in the week. All the same, sooner started and so on.

Plenty to occupy my waking moments.

And now, fun fun story time.